For over 45 years, we’ve been excelling at generic R&D and production, giving our customers timely and responsive support in an agile, flexible, and reliable manner, fulfilling your every need and expectation. This is how we do business, and this is how we succeed.

this is who we are

Founded in Israel in 1975, Unipharm is a well-established, family-owned generic pharma company, and a dominant player in the Israeli pharmaceutical arena. Unipharm’s strength in developing generic oral solid and oral solution formulations has led it to become one of the Israeli Market leaders. Unipharm is usually the first generic entrance into the Israeli Market.


Many of Unipharm’s new generic product launches have made an extensive impact on the Israeli Pharmaceutical Market by improving and accelerating patient accessibility to affordable medicines.


Our new, EU-recognized, GMP certified manufacturing facility, opened in 2017, offers the latest technology in oral solid and oral solution development and production. Our generic portfolio spans a wide range of therapeutic areas, including unique niche opportunities.

We’ve made a name for ourselves through our involvement in the shaping and development of intellectual property laws in Israel. Our legal achievements in pharmaceutical patent cases have led to a consistent track record of successful and early generic launches.


Since 2017, Unipharm has been collaborating with international generic players, enabling its customers to launch its high-quality products around the world. Unipharm’s generics are offered for out-licensing to all international markets. Our EU CTD dossiers are available along with full regulatory support to achieve successful and swift marketing approvals. Zone IVb stability data is also available.

always dedicated


Unipharm’s establishment in Tel Aviv by the Pharmacist Zevulun Tomer.


Unipharm acquires 50% of its contract manufacturer.


Unipharm begins designing and building its own new manufacturing facility.


The opening of Unipharm’s EU-GMP compliant manufacturing facility in Mevo Carmel, Israel.

the building blocks of dedication

dedicated to success

Unipharm’s vision has always been about granting affordable access to medicines by developing and producing high quality generic pharmaceuticals. The first step toward our vision was accomplished by becoming one of the biggest players in the Israeli Generic Pharmaceutical Market.

global achievements

In recent years, with the opening of our new EU-recognized, GMP certified manufacturing facility, we’ve amplified our goal. Today, through our out-licensing customers, we make a difference in patients’ lives all over the world. Unipharm collaborates with top international generic players, thereby delivering its dedication to impact global healthcare.

legal involvement

We’ve made a name for ourselves through our involvement in the shaping and development of intellectual property laws in Israel. Our legal achievements in pharmaceutical patent cases have led to a consistent track record of successful and early generic launches in the Israeli market. Unipharm won the 2021 Global Generics and Biosimilars Intellectual Property of the Year Award.

resolving your every need

Unipharm’s experts are collaborative, open-minded, enthusiastic, and easy to communicate with. We focus on solutions, understanding our customers’ needs and offering all necessary support. Our dedication as adaptive and flexible partners comes with our strong focus on the regulatory requirements of every market, to deliver the highest quality CTD dossier.

about unipharm

corporate responsibility

Contribution to the community and social activities are central values at Unipharm.


As a generic company, Unipharm is leading significant savings in Israel’s health expenditure, enabling the government to finance expensive technologies and drugs by saving costs. Moreover, Unipharm’s product delivery to the market contributes to the fact that the costs of the drugs to the patient are significantly reduced and facilitates the drug availability.


Over the years, Unipharm has been collaborating with various organizations and programs to help and contribute to the community.

Unipharm has a longstanding relationship with the House of Wheels non-profit organization for physically disabled children and young adults. This organization works to integrate the disabled in the community as active and contributing members. The association operates with the help of many volunteers and emphasizes the development of the students’ social abilities and independence. Unipharm donates a significant financial contribution and also volunteers with the help of our employees every year.


Unipharm provides support to the Feuerstein Institute’s scholarship program and has donated scholarships for Israeli pharmacy students. The Feuerstein Program at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem enables talented students from the Israeli Ethiopian community to succeed in their academic studies.

Twice a year, on Rosh Hashana and Passover, Unipharm’s employees collect and distribute food donations for disadvantaged communities in Israel.


Unipharm’s managers and employees play active roles in voluntary organizations and public institutions, such as the Manufacturers’ Association of Israel and the Pharmaceutical Society of Israel.


Unipharm’s CEO, Dr. Ron Tomer, is an active member of the Board of Trustees of the House of Wheels and of the Steering Committee of Nitzan Horim, the Branch of the Israeli Association for Children and Adults with Learning Disabilities that focuses on learning-disabled parents by guiding them through their parenting lives.